Saturday, 3 November 2012

All You Need to Know About Lean Muscle and Lean Muscle Body

So, you have heard this term being thrown around in some contexts. But, what really is lean muscle. Is it a type of muscle? Is it a type of body? Is it some kind of supplement? Lets find out.

What is Lean Muscle?
Technically there is no such thing. The most logical term that is closely associated with it is "Lean Body Mass". Lean body mass is nothing but (your body weight - fat weight in your body) expressed in percentage terms. So, the lower the fat content the higher is your Lean Body mass. One of the constituents of the lean body mass are the muscles. But, obviously it does not mean that if you have lower fat content in your body you have great muscles. You could be a skinny guy with very low fat content and yet have a high lean body mass.
So, what is lean muscle mass then? Well if there was a way to measure the accurate mass / weight of muscle tissues in our body, then a good lean muscle body would have a high Muscle to Fat ratio. But, of course this kind of metric is not spoken about in any literature. But, it just gives you an indication of what it means in physiological terms.
Lean Muscle Body (LMB) is often used to describe the visual appearance of a person. This type of a body is used to describe a person who is not very bulky (like professional body builders), they are lean. Yet, they possess a well chiseled muscular look. In short, they are athletic yet muscular. This is also referred to as the hollywood look or the shrink wrap look. Popular Hollywood celebrities like Cam Gigandet or Brad Pitt sport this look.
So is it good to have a LMB?
Most definitely. If we just go by the physiological definition it is great for the overall balance of the body. A lower body fat percentage in the range of 10-15% is recommended for men and a range of 15-20 for women.This is the ideal fat volume to maintain good overall cardio-vascular health.

Visually, you will possess an extremely attractive and fit physique, which will be envy of others. You will also improve your strength and endurance if you try to achieve this physique and maintain it. This is a great plus and has many benefits apart from just the health benefits.
Many of us often think that this body type can belong to an elite few who have lots of money and time at their disposal to actually build a good physique (like actors and athletes). While it is true that more focus can be placed on getting a good physique if your living depends on it (eg. you are an actor, and you need to have a good physique to be in business), it is not necessarily true that common people like us cannot develop this physique. With some amount of motivation, dedication and the right information about lean muscular physique, you too can be well on your way to building an enviable body.

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