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Body Builder - How to Get the Perfect Masculine Shape

Generally speaking, it is the desire of the average man to achieve the perfect body, a feat that is not easily achieved as it is said. So many people dedicate their lives to this feat which in one word is known as body building. This process, involves the modification of the body due to intensive cell growth in the muscle as well as the application of a carefully laid out diet and an individual who engages in this activity is known as a Body Builder.

The act of muscle sculpting is performed for three reasons; recreation, competitive sport or for personal betterment. Recreational body building is performed for the sole purpose of relaxation.
Now in the area of competitive sport, there are two forms; competitive and general sports. In general sports, and this is judged based on physical appearance and participant demonstration. Recently, there's been a campaign to induct body building as an Olympic sport, but this campaign has been faced with oppositions from certain sectors claiming that body building is not an actual sport but a contest that is non-athletic, thereby restricting it's participation as a general sport.

Now competitive body building brings body builders together under the scrutiny of judges to demonstrate a number of poses intended to draw attention to certain muscle groups highlighting the uniqueness and physique of the human body. For Body Builders engaged in such competition, the poses are a large and important part of body building and many of them spend almost half of their training time perfecting these posing routines.

For both competitive and personal body building, makes use of a number of techniques for gaining and shaping the muscles. The most common technique is to acquire as much mass as possible over an extended period of time by working on lifting more weights each week. When a threshold or set change is achieved, the body builder then focuses on shaping or sculpting the existing muscle mass, in the case of a competition; the focus is shifted so as to achieve a finer tone of the muscles.

Conclusively, the indulgence of muscle sculpting should be seen as a form of achieving aesthetics and balance of muscle mass and not a form of acquiring feats of strength and agility. It is also important to note that when body building, there should be a strict diet adherence and an increase in the intake of vitamins, minerals, and protein.
For a beginning body builder, the use of body building shakes and supplements which is readily available is most adequate, though there are also chemical supplements which are not usually recommended or advised both for competitive and health reasons.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

How to Get Ripped - Bodybuilding Workouts That Will Build Muscle

How to get ripped! This is the goal of all bodybuilding workouts. Enhancing the body with weight lifting routines that target specific areas like ab workouts, upper body workouts, will give you a sculpted rock hard body.

Anyone who's toiled away and resistance training for any period of time knows the benefits they will receive from their bodybuilding routines.
But many people are beginners and don't know where to begin. They want that six pack abs and the tremendous Pecs to show off to their friends and to impress strangers.
You don't have to be a bodybuilder to be doing bodybuilding workouts to improve your health and fitness. A well-balanced fitness training program will have fat burning workouts and muscle building workouts.
Your bodybuilding routines will be dependent on how old and how physically fit you are. You may alternate between resistance training with exercises for your abs, upper body workouts and, lower body workouts.
If your fitness is high you may combine your upper body workouts and lower body workouts on the same day. But if you're a beginner you should start with a simple bodybuilding routine which splits them over two days. But not two days in a row. You should be doing weightlifting routines three or four days a week and aerobic routines on the days you are not lifting.
By doing this you will be creating fat burning workouts that are building muscle slowly. If you go too fast you may succumb to injuries and training burn out. Also be sure to allow at least one or two days per week for your muscles to rest.

Your muscles grow when you're at rest, not when you're lifting so that's why it's important for you to pick your rest days usually after a lifting day. Weight training creates tears in the muscle tissue, is your body repairs these tears your muscles will grow and become stronger.
Another thing you can do in between your more stressful workouts is to do yoga exercises which will stretch your muscles and make it easier for you to recover from your training. They generally make you feel good too.
You'll also need a good nutrition plan to support your bodybuilding workouts and aerobic fitness training. You will need to get a diet plan in place just as soon as you can to support building muscle.

As you train longer and harder you will find that you need more calories to sustain building muscle. You will need to decide how much protein, carbohydrates and fat that you will consume to maintain your bodybuilding workouts.
I could go into great detail about diet and what to eat but basically your protein will be lean meats and nuts, your carbohydrates will come from vegetables, pasta and breads. You probably won't have to add fats as it will be plentiful in the food that you eat. You may also consider adding a whey protein shake to your diet after workouts.
You must also consider consistency, if you don't consistently workout at least 5 out of seven days then you are not going to see the results that you want.
There is so much more I want to tell you about how to get ripped and "bodybuilding workouts" so I have created a seven part eCourse for you that will give you all the details.

IFBB Pro Zaher Moukahal

IFBB Pro Zaher Moukahal

Zaher Moukahal on stage at the Europa Super Show 2011

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bicep Muscle Training - Tips To Help Build Bicep Muscles

For anyone who wants to build bigger biceps, there is a need to look into bicep muscle training. This is important because you will need to do proper exercise routines so that you be able to build strong biceps and also develop other muscles indirectly.
It is important for any bodybuilder to maximize the exercises that he does so that he can develop various important muscles during his whole routine. Because bicep exercises are excellent in developing not only your biceps but also other muscles in your body, you will need to develop a correct routine for it. Bearing that in mind, listed below are several bicep exercises that you can use.
The Pull-Ups
These are excellent exercises that you can use for both your biceps and your back. A pull-up is called a 'compound' exercise. It includes different muscles in the body. As you gain strength during the workout, you can add up more weight to your pull-ups.
The Barbell Rows
Barbell rows require strong bicep muscles. It is similar to the dumbbell. However, it is heavier and yet, easier to maintain.
The Lat Pull-Downs
A lat pull-down is like the pull-up but this exercise requires stronger and bigger biceps. You will need this exercise to build bigger bicep muscles and it can be done after you have already started the use of the simpler start-up bicep exercises..
The Dumbbell Curls
This is the 'classic' exercise used to make bicep muscles. It involves experimenting with various weight ranges and tempos in order to make big muscles.
The Concentration Curls
This exercise needs a lot of effort to carry out this exercise. It requires you to use only your biceps. This is recommended as the last part of your regular routine because its goal is to really maximize the biceps, thus, tiring it very much.
The Hammer Curls
Hammer curls are very much like the dumbbell curls because it is a method wherein you use dumbbells. However, you will need to lift the dumbbells facing up and then down, instead of sideways. The goal of the hammer curls is to strengthen the 'upper insertion point' of the bicep.
Bicep muscle training is important for anyone who wishes to have a well-proportioned body as he goes along his workout scheme. Having big biceps will give the illusion of a bigger body even when the other parts have not been worked out well yet. Through these various exercises, you will be able to successfully draw out a specific workout plan to maximize the different points given by each of these exercises.
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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bodybuilders Made in Iran

Bodybuilding is very popular in Iran... Ali Tabrizi is one of the most popular athletes but let's see some more big men from this country.

Alireza Asadollahi

Hasan Rahnamaeian

Reza Bagher Zadeh

Faramar Aghazadeh

Baitollah Abbaspour

Amit Sapir

Notjaba Notarki

Mohsen Saberinia

Mohsen Ghorannevis

Ahmad Ali Verdi

Habib Youssefi

Mobin Rostamian

Mohammad Ali Akbari

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Muscle mass fastTips

Training with free weights and bodyweight exercises is the best way to gain muscle mass fast. Using fancy machines typically puts the body into a stabilized position so that it isolates 1 muscle group but then there is less stimulation of the core and secondary assisting muscles. The best bodybuilding workouts always use heavy multiple joint exercises which not only work a primary muscle group but several other muscles get involved to accomplish the lift.

Bodybuilding workouts for mass or strength should always include the heavy basics like deadlights, squats, dips, and pull ups or chins. If you want to gain muscle mass effectively and quickly you need to incorporate these into your routines. Many guys shun these exercises because they are difficult, require good form, and may even be embarrassed by the light weights they have to start with. Don't worry about the weight because once you start doing these exercises you will need to add plates quickly as the weeks go by. Adding additional plates making you stronger forces the muscles to adapt and continue to get bigger each month. I can't emphasize enough the importance of how the best bodybuilding workouts rely on these heavy exercises to beef up the entire body.

A guy that hasn't gained an ounce a muscle in months could grow like a weed if he skipped all the glamour muscle exercises and spent a few months getting his hands dirty with heavy deadlifts. This muscle building exercise not only builds the lower back and hamstrings but adds slabs of muscle to the entire back, shoulders, traps, and even the arms. It requires an enormous amount of power and muscle synergy to lift a heavy bar off of the floor and when done right you get a full body workout. This is the kind of movement that the human body most recognizes as something it needs to adapt to quickly by gaining muscle. Even bodyweight exercises like dips and feet elevated push ups can be more effective than many of the machines and the fancy movements inexperienced trainees are attempting.
The best bodybuilding workouts focus on getting back to basics so try this routine to gain muscle fast.
Deadlifts 5 x 5
Pull ups 4 x 8
Barbell Rows 4 x 6
Dumbbell Curls 4 x 8
Weighted Dips 5 x 5
Incline Flyes 4 x 8
Incline Dumbell Press 4 x 8
Lying Triceps Extension 4 x 8
Squats 4 x 12
Stiff Legged Deadlift 3 x 12
Bulgarian Split Squat 3 x 12
Seated Calf Raise 4 x 12
It can be very taxing to do heavy deadlifts the same week as heavy squats so in order to enhance recovery and work the muscle fibers differently you'll notice that Monday is a heavy day for back and Friday uses lighter weights and higher reps for legs. You then have the weekend to recover prior to deadlifting again. You do this for 3 weeks and then reverse the rep scheme for Mondays workout to Fridays workout. This way for 6 weeks you can hit your major muscle groups with higher and lower reps.
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Bodybuilding Workout Guide -

 If you're looking to get maximum from your bodybuilding workout guide, then it is imperative that you build it around the exercises that are going to deliver the most muscle building bang for your buck. These exercises are going to be compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups and recruit as much muscle fibre per rep, as this will boost your metabolism and get those muscle building hormones surging through your body. Below I'm giving you the 3 most important and popular exercises that should be a core staple of any bodybuilding workout guide worth it's salt.

Many folks regard squats as the absolute king of the bodybuilding world...and with good reason. They recruit more muscle per rep than pretty much all the rest. They can be tricky to perform correctly if you're inexperienced, so a little practice may be required but this is totally worth the results. They will seriously boost your lower body muscle which is a real plus since most guys tend to neglect this area, meaning you can spend less time on this area but get maximum results.

Bench Press
Kind of like the upper body version of the squat in terms of popularity and results. The bench press, or chest press as it's also known will work virtually all the muscles of the upper body with particular focus on the chest, shoulders, arms (particularly the triceps), and upper back. For this reason it features prominently in all bodybuilding workout guides.
The key here is to lift heavy to get the most out of the exercise. Try keeping your abs tight throughout the exercise too as this will give you an extra workout on your abs as well as protecting your back and preventing you bending it unnecessarily. Try inclining the bench to work the upper pecs and front deltoids, and declining it to work the lower pecs and rear delts.

These are a fantastic upper body exercise that primarily target the back and biceps as well as a number of other upper body muscles. Performing rows as part of your bodybuilding workout guide will strengthen your upper body and give you a strong wide back, helping you to avoid injury.

The key to performing this exercise correctly is to avoid curling your back, which can result in injury, and focus on "squeezing" your muscles at the peak of each rep - i.e. when you've pulled the weight up to your body, try to hold it for a brief second instead of just letting it drop straight away. This will help you get those extra gains that make all the difference.
As you can see, the key to all these muscle building exercises is in recruiting as much muscle as possible to get the hormones following freely. This strategy will only work if combined with low numbers of reps, say 6-10, and heavy weights. By always striving to lift heavy you will boost your muscle gains and achieve faster growth, and the compound exercises above will allow you to lift heavy since you'll be recruiting a lot of muscles to do so.
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Bodybuilding Competition Posing

The comparison posing phase of a bodybuilding competition is called "Pre-judging" and is held before the Finals. The pre-judging event is conducted using standard poses. Judging panels are comprised of six or eight qualified judges, the Head Judge is the judge who speaks to the contestants and calls out the poses to the contestants. The Head Judge calls out the initial comparisons in a systematic fashion, utilizing the mandatory poses, done in a prescribed order. When there is a panel of six judges, five judges score the event. When eight judges are used, seven judges score the event, always with an odd number of judges. The high and low scores are then dropped and the scores are added with the lowest number being the winner of the division.

Should the number of contestants in a single division be larger than ten contestants. To make a single division practicable in the initial comparison, the Head Judge may break the division into two segments in order to facilitate the judging. After the initial comparisons are completed, the Head Judge shall shift the contestants about and conduct additional comparisons of selected subgroups as requested by the judging panel until all judges are satisfied that they have seen enough to establish their placings. After the completion of this phase, the comparisons for subdivision awards, if any, shall be made before the contestants are sent offstage. At the conclusion of all procedures, the judges fill out their individual scoring sheets.

During the initial comparisons, nine (or more) mandatory poses shall be done. The poses are the same for male and female bodybuilders. These poses are required for the initial comparisons and shall be done in the sequence indicated.
1. Quarter Turns
2. Front Double Bicep
3. Front Lat Spread
4. Abs and Thigh
5. Side Chest
6. Side Tricep
7. Rear Double Bicep
8. Rear Lat Spread
9. Most Muscular
In the comparison among class winners for the overall title, once the detailed systematic comparisons have been completed, the Head Judge shall call for a period of free-style posing, in which the contestants may do any poses they wish, in any sequence. The time limit for such posing shall ordinarily be no longer than 30-60 seconds.
Procedure of Judging
A. Semi-relaxed quarter turns:
Used by the judges to determine the symmetry score of a division during pre-judging
B. Mandatory poses:
In the initial comparison, these poses shall be used in a numerical sequence and all will be used. Selections of these poses may be used for subsequent additional comparisons of selected subgroups of contestants.
C. Optional poses:
Used during the comparison posing phase after the initial comparison has been completed. Selections of these poses may be used as desired by the judges.
Procedure of Posing
The poses shall be done described in this section, with particular attention to the requirements accompanying the standard poses. Contestants may be down rated for failure to assume the standard poses properly. The Poses should be formed by first placing the feet, and then assuming the pose as prescribed. While the focus of many poses is on a particular area of the body or body part, the whole body should be posed in every case. The semi-relaxed poses are meant to be semi-relaxed and not flexed, with feet flat on the floor, weight distributed evenly, posture symmetrical, and head facing forward. During the judging, contestants should generally focus their posing toward the center of the judging panel, and may rotate in place slightly in order to facilitate viewing by all judges. The mandatory poses or compulsory poses as sometimes called, are side by side with other competitors, under equal conditions to judge your physique against others in the division, these poses should be preformed the same by all contestants.

Quarter Turns
1. Semi-relaxed front pose
The contestant stands symmetrically, facing the judges, with both feet flat on the floor and weight distributed evenly. The arms should hang naturally at the sides.
2. Semi-relaxed left-side pose (quarter turn to the right)
The contestant stands in the same fashion as the front relaxed, facing right, and exposing his/her left side to the judges. Both feet are flat on the floor. There is no twisting of the body. The contestant faces and looks straight ahead.
3. Semi-relaxed back pose (quarter turn to the right)
The contestant stands in the same fashion as the previous poses, with feet flat on the floor and weight distributed evenly. The arms should hang as naturally as possible at the sides.
4. Semi-relaxed right-side pose (quarter turn to the right)
The contestant stands in the same fashion as the previous pose, facing left, exposing his/her right-side to the judges. Both feet are flat on the floor. There is no twisting of the body. The contestant faces and looks straight ahead.

Mandatory Poses
1. Front double bicep
The upper arms are held approximately parallel to the floor and the fists are balled. (The leg positions are not specified in this pose). Show off every major frontal muscle group in this pose. Legs in a comfortable, balanced stance, one knee slightly out. Stomach in, tighten abs, flexed arms. Helpful
Tips: Open up lats wide and smile, Remember to flex thighs and calves.
2. Front lat spread
The heels are together, with the toes pointed out at a 45 degree angle. The legs are slightly flexed. Show width and taper here. Stand, one foot slightly ahead of the other, tense thighs and abs. Start with arms bent, hands behind back at bottom of rib cage. Flare out lats as you bring hands front to sides of waist, elbows pointed out. Keep your delts flexed and up.
Helpful Tips: Keep a sober, serious expression. Hook thumbs behind waist and draw elbows forward.
3. Abdominals and thighs
The torso should be symmetrical. One leg out, point toe down or heel down, really tighten quadricep. Bring hands up behind head, keep elbows close to head, biceps flexed, fists touching traps. Lift diaphragm and blow all the air out of lungs and stomach. Crunch down on frontal rib cage and abdominal wall, crunching down on intercostals, serratus anterior, and obliques to show them as well.
4. Side chest
The chest is raised. The shoulders are held at approximately even height. The wrist is clasped with hand. Turn your best side to the audience, put legs together, lift heel of front foot. Fill lungs with air to lift rib cage, pull shoulder back, bend audience-side arm to flex bicep, push down on arm with other hand. Arch your back slightly, suck in stomach, flex pec, and smile to judges.
Helpful Tips: Mash front thigh against rear thigh to make look thicker, contract rear pec by pushing it to front with back arm.
5. Side tricep
The arm is held straight or nearly so, and may be rotated slightly. The wrist is held with the hand. The calf is spiked, with the toe placed at the instep of the foot. Grab displayed arm's hand with other hand to hold it back.
Helpful Tips: Try different degrees of arm-bending to see which most brings out tricep. Flex abs, and especially chest and delts. Press arm against torso to make it look thicker. Push forward arm against rear arm to bring out shoulder detail.
6. Rear double bicep
The upper arms are held approximately parallel to the floor and the fists are balled. Put one leg back, knee angled slightly out, lift heel, and point toe, flexing hamstrings and calves. Tighten lower back to show erectors. Lift arms bent-elbowed until they are slightly above level of shoulders. Flex arms, shoulders, entire upper back, lower glutes, and rear thighs.
Helpful tips: Show either calf, flex hamstrings. Turn head to either side to bring out trap detail.
7. Rear lat spread
This pose also shows body taper from shoulder to hip. Legs, same position as rear double bicep pose. Lower arms to waist, everything on your back-side tense, fists against the back bottom of rib cage, elbows bent. Slide hands to front of body while spreading lats. Keep shoulders up, back straight and tall.
Helpful tips: Try not to crunch forward. Start pose by pressing shoulder blades together. Show either calf and flex hamstrings.
8. Most muscular
Hands on hips - The hands are placed on the thighs, below posing suit, with palms flat and thumbs forward. Breath out and crunch down on abdominals. Either lag may be displayed forward.
Optional Poses
Crab most muscular
Place best leg out forward and lean upper body forward. Bring arms forward, the hands are not clasped. Bring out trap muscles, tighten biceps, pecs, and breath out and tighten abs.
Intercostal twist crunch
Contestant faces right or left side to judges, exposing his/her side to judges. The hand is placed behind the head and the opposite arm placed on the hip. The torso slightly toward the judges, breath out and tighten abs and crunch down on intercostal muscles.
Overhead victory
The contestant brings both arms overhead with arms bent. Bend at knees and tighten legs. The wrists are turned out above the head.
Hamstring flex
This pose is done with the contestant facing facing to the side or to the rear. When to the side the leg nearest the judges is flexed, and moved up and down slowly to display the development of the posterior and lateral surfaces of the thigh. When the contestant is facing the rear, the leg to be used will be specified by the judges. The leg is flexed, and moved up and down slowly to display the development of the posterior surface of the thigh.

Leg display
The right or left leg is displayed forward, the leg to be displayed will be specified by the head judge. The leg is either toe down or heal down, flexed and rotated.
Posing Pointers
No matter how good your physique is you must be absolutely prepared and polished in showing the product before you step onstage.
Posing should be an integral part of contest preparation. No matter how good your physique may be, you still have to communicate this quality to the judges and audience. Their impression of you is formed by your mastery of posing - your ability to display your physique with control, drama, and excitement.
Posing is an art, to perfect the art you must practice posing. Its not excessive to spend one hour daily to practice all three rounds of posing. Learn from watching professionals, learn how to control your muscles. Learn how not to shake during pre-judging. Do not pose too quickly or hold poses too long. Be honest and critical with yourself. What poses highlight good bodyparts and which ones show weak parts. Posing brings out muscle separation. After long hours in the gym, when you step onstage, you must to able to display your body at its best.

First impressions can make you break you - come on strong
If you feel awkward, you probably are, change the pose
Do only optional poses that compliment your physique
Be natural in your facial expressions, look like you are having fun and smile
Center yourself and clear your head before you go onstage
Select music that inspires you and will move the crowd
Try to choreograph your routine to tell a story
Remember to keep your physique hard and at least semi-flexed whenever you are onstage
Don't do anything that is unfavorable or disallowed in judging
Give other competitors space
Watch your time, a good short posing routine is appreciated more than a so-so long one
Put tanning products on evenly, don't look sloppy
Fresh haircut and clean shave, well groomed hairstyle
Posing suit and color that fits your bodylines
Nice dark tan highlights muscle, but don't overdo it
Watch for too much oil
Exude confidence and charisma
Posing routine
Free posing gives you the chance to pose and choose the poses that highlight your physique. Choose routine music that suits your personality, and have a professional record the music you choose. Flow between poses, make transitions smooth and logical. Choose dynamic popular music, get the audience involved!
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Brian Cannone went into promoting fitness with enthusiasm and a very genuine love for the sport. His approach and feelings about bodybuilding are that it is not only a sport but more of a way to motivate yourself and others to achieve results of loosing body-fat and gaining lean muscle along with improving overall health. By competing in natural bodybuilding you push yourself to be in your best possible shape of your life. In fact, he believes that it is more about the results you gain then the trophy you may take home with you. With fitness results in mind Brian trained nearly every competitor that competed in the Milford County and Mr. and Ms. Connecticut events, most of these new bodybuilders then competed for their first time and they were overwhelmed with their accomplishments. This is a sport that the contestants can't loose for it is their physique that is the trophy and the process of getting into great shape that is the reward. Visit his website at: bodybulding for youngster

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Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars

Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars are a hugely popular choice for athletes and bodybuilders who want to increase the amount of protein they are consuming but are looking for an alternative to protein shakes. Here are some of the factors that make these protein bars so beneficial.

Taste Great
Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars taste great, and this is one of the main reasons that they are so popular. Keeping fit and healthy does not mean you have to starve your body of anything that tastes good, and Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars come in a range of tasty flavours that live up to expectations. Whether you opt for the chocolate fudge flavour, the chocolate with caramel and peanuts or any of the other delicious flavours, this is a healthy snack that tastes great too.

High Protein Content
Met-Rx Bars come in different sizes, but if you are looking for a real protein hit then it is the Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars that you will want. These have 32 grams of protein compared to 27 grams for the smaller bars, meaning they provide a huge boost of protein to really help give your workout a lift.
Very Convenient

There is no doubt about it: Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars are the most convenient way for bodybuilders to get all the protein that they need in the most convenient format. Whereas protein shakes are still popular, sometimes they are not that convenient. However, protein bars can be kept in your bag so you can snack on them whenever you feel like it without having to prepare anything. They can also be used as substitute meals if you do not feel like cooking up a protein-rich dish.

Low in Fat
As well as providing you with a huge protein boost, with Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars you don't have to worry about weight gain as they are low in fat. That means you can eat the bars whenever you need to get some more protein without having to worry about putting on weight.
The Perfect Protein Snack
Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars are the ideal protein snack because they are tasty, convenient and healthy. Bodybuilders across the world use them to ensure that they get the right amounts of protein to help with their workout routines, and they could provide you with the convenient protein snack that you have been looking for.
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