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How To Put On Weight - Are You Bulking Up Correctly?

Why do most people undergo a specific dietary plan? Well obviously, to lose some pounds and to stay fit. But what many people don't know is that some people, especially those from the body building crowd, utilize a specialized eating approach to gain some weight and increase body mass to keep their bodies stronger and healthier.
So why do they have to do that? What are the steps on how to put on weight and how can it be beneficial to the body? One of the reasons why some people are trying to increase their body mass is to prevent themselves from being underweight. It is a serious health condition that can cause severe complications if left unchecked.
Still though, there are certain people who purposely eat a considerable amount of food to increase their body mass for other reasons. And that is to build up muscle tissues and sustain a proportional body figure. Bodybuilders are the most consistent users of this dietary method and they use it to buff up their already well sculpted body or sustain its shape and figure.
So what exactly is the most appropriate nutritional intake for guys like these? Experts highly recommend a sufficient consumption of carbohydrates for energy boost, protein to keep muscle tissues lean and strong, calories and healthy fats for mass gain. But it's still advisable to consume them moderately and sufficiently, otherwise it might result in too much or too little nourishment for the body.
Exercise can also help stiffen muscle tissues and thus make them more solid and heavier than the average muscle mass. It's another effective way on how to put on weight for body builders especially if they have already undergone their dietary intake. Those who do not consume as much should focus a little more on building up weight before engaging in these kinds of workouts.
But to finally realize the full potential of these methods on how to put on weight, one must be aware of the proper situation or moment where they can be applied. To do that, it is important to be knowledgeable as to how the body processes the nutrients that come in and out of the body.
Just remember that nutrient consumption is always the most efficient when maintained in the state of equilibrium. And the best way to do that is to moderate what is absorbed by the body and what is burned up. I've prepared some powerful body building and fitness secrets for you below, enjoy!
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Top 5 Exercises For Building Sexy 6-Pack Abs

5 Great Exercises For Building 6-Packs

There are plenty of recommendations for the right exercises to build a 6-pack.
The experts, though, agree on a handful of exercises that seem to be the most effective. By especially doing the 5 exercises that you will learn about, in a moment, in combination with a proper diet and cardiovascular exercises you should be able to build the 6-pack you have always dreamed of.
The following exercises should be done with proper form and breathing to get the most from the exercise and to avoid injury. You should try to do as many repetitions as you can until exhausting your muscles, meaning until you can not do anymore. You should do them in sets of 15 or 20 with a 30 second rest in between.

Also important- Do the movements slow and stay focused.
OK so here goes. Put these exercises in your regime and you will start to see a difference in no time:
- 1. Reverse crunch. For this exercise you lay on the floor with your knees bent. Lift your hips up towards your ribs and then return them to the floor.
2. Bent-elbow plank. Lay on your stomach on the floor and lift yourself up onto your toes and forearms. Hold this for 5 seconds and release.
3. Bicycle. Lay on your back with your legs bent and in the air. Move your legs as if riding a bicycle.
4. Crunches. This is the classic sit up. Lay on your back and bring your chin towards your chest.
5. Crossover twist crunch. Place one foot on the opposite knee. Curl shoulders off floor and twist body so elbow touches knee. Pause at the top and lower slowly - repeat on opposite side.
It is very important during all of these exercises that you are aware of the muscles you are working.
You should feel the exercises and know when you have reached exhaustion. If you are not feeling anything then chances are your form is wrong and you should consult a professional for the proper way to do the exercises.
These are simple exercises which require the use of no equipment. There are plenty of abdominal machines that can assist you in exercising as well.
These machines, though, are usually based upon these basic exercises. The idea of a machine is to ensure proper form, so you can use a machine if you feel you need the extra help keeping the proper form.
If you use a machine, though, you must ensure you are using it correctly and that you are maintaining a slow and steady pace.
Howver if you put these exercises in your work out either at the gym or at home you should start to see a real change within 10-12 weeks.
All the best
Manny Wilks is a personal trainer and has plenty of other tips and short cuts that you can use to produce the perfect six pack now! Go to Get A Six Pack to learn more!

How Bad Is It? Be Water Wise

In addition to the filthy air we breathe as a consequence of spewing billions of tons of toxins skyward annually, our streams, rivers, lakes, groundwater and oceans are in even worse shape. At least our atmosphere is partially cleaned with every major rainstorm. However, this results in polluted acid rain ending up in all of our water supplies. Most of the pollutants in our water are primarily made up of chemicals. They are either intentionally or unintentionally discharged into bodies of water, which results in the loss of approximately 15,000 lives today from ingesting polluted water.

Despite the fact that the quality of drinking water in the US generally is not healthy, at least most Americans can afford to treat their water or purchase bottled water. Most tap water in the United States has been disinfected, unlike China, where more than 525 million Chinese, and India where 700 million people are deprived of safe drinking water. Worldwide, countries generate close to 500 billion tons of industrial waste annually, much of which ends up in the water supply. In developing countries, water pollution has been linked yo high miscarriage rates and severe brain damage resulting in learning disabilities. Amoebic dysentery contracted from polluted water supplies has resulted in the loss of over 2 million children's lives annually.
  • Over 46% of the lakes and rivers in America are so polluted they cannot be fished or used for swimming.
  • 40% of the continental United States drains into the Mississippi River; as a result 1.5 metric tons of nitrates end up in the Gulf of Mexico annually, sending out into an area of 7,800 square miles.
  • There are 1.3 trillion gallons of untreated sewage industrial waste and runoff from storm drains discharged into America's waterways annually.
  • There are roughly 6 to 11 million deaths per year resulting from 260 million cases of waterborne diseases worldwide.
  • 3.5 million tons of toxic chemicals are released into the air annually, most all of which end up back on earth, much of it finding its way into our water supplies.
  • Every American produces close to 4,000 pounds of hazardous-waste annually.
Without a doubt, US industry produces the greatest quantity of pollutants, accounting for the large volume of total water pollution.
  • Close to 400,000 manufacturers are wasting startling volumes of fresh water for the purpose of flushing it into drains, depositing the pollutants into streams, rivers lakes and oceans. These pollutants are mercury, lead, nitrates, phosphates, a variety of acids, various oils, compound chemicals, and caustic chemicals.
  • In addition, many manufacturing facilities illegally discard corrosives and even poisons, along with other supremely toxic by-products.
  • The building industry pumps slurries of concrete cement and gypsum along with poisonous solvent into unlined pits or even landfills.
  • More combinations of toxic chemicals entering our water and food chains is poly-chlorinated biphenyl (PCB) along with various lubricants, and adhesives.
  • There are a number of factories and power plants discharging hot water into our waterways, resulting in thermal pollution by raising the water temperature. This greatly affects and changes levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, adversely effecting ecology, killing fish, plants, and various animal species, and accelerating the overgrowth of others.
  • Sewage systems are not only carrying domestic waste, but also contaminated toxic waste from industry. Even though sewage waste treatment plants add chlorine to destroy waterborne disease from bacteria, there is still a risk for the spread of viruses.
  • The majority of water treatment plants do not remove phosphorus compounds found in soaps and detergents which can result in putrefaction (excessive plant and algae growth) of ponds and lakes.
Basically every drug that has ever been flushed or excreted, and every household chemical not removed by water treatment plants eventually find their way into the drinking water supplies.
Wherein lies the solution? Simply drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water daily - preferably RO or distilled - and fast once or twice a year for 14 to 21 days. This will virtually keep your body clean and free of toxins, chemicals and carcinogens, will ward off sickness and disease, and will contribute to a long healthy life.
Douglas Hoover is an author, free-lance writer for News Papers and magazines with his column. "Lets Talk Health" the same name as his radio program- specializing in water and its relationship to health. Douglas Hoover is on record for introducing the very first bottled water vending machine, in Bill's IGA grocery store in Brooklyn MI in 1976- 7years before Glacier Water Vending (1983), Learn more at: and Buy Doug's latest #1 Best Seller: "Distilled Water and Health" A Match Made In Heaven-

Why Your Biceps Are A Sign Of Both Power And Health?

You work on your biceps, but they never shape like you want. You can't get the muscle to "pop" and the peak of your bicep is well, a speed bump. Well, let me tell you how changing your "vision" will change your bicep.
The bicep, or biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle. Its main function is to flex the elbow and supinate the forearm (bending the arm, palms facing bicep). The bicep is a muscle that builds with attention to resistance and flexion. The bicep will not build in passive mode as a by-product of your other resistance training. Meaning, it needs its own attention. Think of it as molding clay. And, properly targeting the bicep does have an affect on the rest of your body. How? Incude the next few facets in your bicep routine and you will understand that it's not just your biceps engaged in the bicep training process.
Your bicep training should include these facets:

1- Your core must always be engaged (meaning your body should be rock solid--as though you are trying to not let someone push you from your spot). Engaging the core actually tones your entire body!
2- You must grip the weights tight throughout the entire rep, not just when you lift to flex the bicep. This speeds your metabolism!
3- You must implement deep breathing to assist in the lift, increase flexion, and increasing blood to flow/fuel (oxygen, etc) to the muscles.
4- Your body is always aligned and you are focused on steps 1-3.
A proper bicep training regimen should get your heart rate up as well as build/tone muscle.
Here's a routine (first, I'm assuming you have permission to workout from your physician) for a man/woman who may want to tone (utilizing the techniques above)
(Use ample weight enough to create difficulty to do 25 reps).
5 sets, at one second total for each rep (up/down) 12reps/12reps/20reps/15reps/20reps
Here's a routine for a man/woman who may want to build (utilizing the techniques above)
(Use ample weight enough to create difficulty to do 15 reps).
5 sets, at two second total for each rep (1 sec up/1 sec down) 8reps/12reps/15reps/10reps/20reps
Remember, don't swing your arms because it will give you momentum, and momentum will merely hoist the weight up, decreasing the bicep's job. (You may swing if you are trying to work the deltoid, but that's in another article.)
When you train your bicep the right way, it will won't take long to show. Biceps respond fast and we all know a nicely shaped arm is attractive and shows discipline and diligence. Your attention will pay off not only by you looking good, but by your heart thanking you as well!
I'm Ganious, author of The Ganious Report. Visit me at for more training tips like the bicep tips above There's a lot of diet and nutritional tips based on a lot of science but most on extensive experience, a network of professionals, and common sense! Thanks for your time and I wish you good health.

Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Many people tend to neglect to take care of their bodies. All they do is make sure that they go to work or make sure that they are able to do their jobs just so they can earn money. Well, working all day can make you a lot of money. It can help you sustain your everyday living with your family. With your salary, you might even be able to satisfy the wants of your family. However, working all day cannot only give you a lot of money. It can also give you many discomforts. Some people who work all day in front of their computer screens may acquire blurry visions because of too much exposure. Some who already has blurry vision can have blurrier vision. Some may even have their present eye conditions get triggered and become worse. On the other hand, others acquire neck pain from working all day long. The most common condition that a workaholic can get is back pain. Neck pain are more manageable than back pain. It can still make you accomplish your tasks a little bit more comfortably while back pain can be really intolerable at times. Not only people who work but also elderly complain about back pain. They make almost 1/3 of your body sore and make yourself unable to attend to some of your tasks. Back pain are most likely to be acquired from having bad posture which is prolonged for long periods of time. Fortunately, there are stretching and exercise programs that one can use to relieve back pain.

Before exercising, make sure that you are wearing the appropriate work-out clothes. You must be free to move with the clothes you are wearing. Back pain relief can be achieved just by simple stretching drills. You must be calm, relaxed and precise when doing stretching exercises. You should not rush and be fast when performing exercise so you can feel the full effect of what you are doing. Each stretch position must be prolonged but should not exceed 20 seconds. Just try to reach mild tension when doing exercises. Too much tension can defeat the purpose of stretching and give you more pain in your body than what you are currently experiencing.
For the first kind of position that you might consider is doing half sit-ups. You know how sit-ups are made but this one; you would not lie and raise half of your body completely forward. All you have to do is lie down, bend your knees, stretch your arms and reach your knees. Do this slowly for as long as you can endure. The next one is relax by, still, lying down, raising both your legs and bending your knees to reach your chest for not more than 20 seconds. A variation of this exercise is performing it using separate legs. All the steps mentioned should be followed but stretching each leg at separate times. The next position you can do will require you to use a chair. First, you sit on the chair with your feet touching the floor. Bend the upper half portion of your body, including your head, and reach your feet. Stay in this position for not more than 20 seconds. To complete your stretching exercise, here is the last stretching position which will require your whole body to work. Using your upper back, make an arch position facing the floor with your head tilted down and with your hands and knees flattened on the floor to support your body. While you are on an arch position, contract the abdominal muscles. Be in this position for not more than 15 seconds. Relax after being on that position then repeat it again.
Back pain can be prevented with good posture. When picking up things, refrain from bending towards that object. It would be better if you would bend your knees maintaining an erect upper back position and then stretch to pick that object up. Putting too much weight on your back can give you back pain. If the pain is intolerable, make it a point that you would visit your doctor so he/she can give you proper medication for your condition but the most natural

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Six Pack Secrets

Downing a six pack of cold ones might not be hard to do, but turning your belly into a flat tableau of rippling abdominal muscles is undeniably difficult.
Despite the fact that getting a six pack can be so unattainable for some people, others flaunt theirs proudly at the pool, the beach, or every other opportunity they can get.
So how are some people so successful while others are stuck with bellies that don't get anyone oohing and aahing? Here are some of the secrets about six packs that you can use to transform your own abdominals to be svelte and impressive.

Excavate Your Abs
Believe it or not, you may already have superbly defined abdominal muscles that are just hiding underneath a thick layer of fat.
While you may have heard that developing a certain muscle group you can burn the fat that lies on top of the muscles. Unfortunately, all the research shows that trying to target fat loss by performing strength exercises in that area result in muscle growth but don't result in spot-reduction.
Instead, you have to force your body to start to draw upon your excess fat stores for energy, and it will choose which areas to take the energy from, depending on your genetics.
Because the adipose tissue that accumulates around your midsection is often the first to go, it is important that you make sure your metabolism is running at its highest speed.
You can do this by regularly and vigorously exercising. This will help your body produce and secrete more human growth hormone, which keeps cellular activity and basal metabolic rate high.
Another way to increase your HGH levels is through supplements that contain triggers that tell your body to release more human growth hormone in your bloodstream, thus stimulating growth of muscle tissue and increasing fat metabolism.

Hop on the Bike
Although you might think it childish to bike around the neighborhood, one study showed that in the Netherlands, the country that is currently ranked highest for fitness, also has one of the highest numbers of people who bike to and from work.
The study found that one in five men were able to see their abs, which is the same number who also uses their bike to commute.
The researchers found that those who cycled for 30 minutes to an hour each day had lower percentages of body fat and even had more muscle mass on average than those who used a car. If biking to work isn't an option for you, try to use two wheels instead of four when you run errands around town or go to friends' places.
Make the Most Changes in the Kitchen
Although you might think that developing a six pack requires hours of honing your abs in the gym, your energies might be more fruitful if you focus them on your diet.
Instead of loading up on empty calories from fat-laden foods or sugary drinks, trim the excess calories off your daily intake by incorporating more fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains.
In order to get rid of fat that can be covering your abdominal muscles, you won't just have to cut down your caloric intake so that you are eating what you burn, but you will have to eat fewer calories than you burn so that you are creating a need for the metabolism of fat.
Even though you might have to make some big changes in order to achieve your six pack, getting rid of abdominal fat is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a huge step toward better health.
One Mayo Clinic study involving twelve thousand people over fourteen years, found that people with a lot of belly fat were three times more likely to die.
So do what you can to make sure that you not only look great, but will have a healthier and longer future.
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Massage and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

What is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

Many people who exercise regularly experience a condition known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, otherwise known as DOMS. This can present as a generally stiffness in the muscle groups that have been exercised and can range in severity from a mild dull ache to a painful stiffness that restricts movement. It often presents within 12-24 hours after exercising, but it is not uncommon for some people to experience it's commencement up to 48 hours after exercising. Ideally it should last no longer than 24 hours, and if it does it is an indication of lack of muscular fitness and/or overwork. Many rumours exist about DOMS, and this Blog aims at clarifying some of the misconceptions that have grown around the condition.
The most common myth regarding DOMS is that it is caused by lactic acid. While exercise does produce lactic acid as a by-product, the acid is normally reabsorbed by the body within 30 minutes and used as an additional anaerobic energy source. Therefore, the lactic acid found in the muscles has been reabsorbed by the body long before DOMS begins to set in.
The Real Causes
The real cause of DOMS is quite simply the damage of microfibers in the muscle tissue. Each muscle fibre is made of discrete segments that operate in different ways to allow the muscle as a whole to function. At each end each fibre is an area known as the Z-line which are drawn together as the fibre contracts and then move apart as the fibre contracts. As we exercise, the Z-lines are placed under stress, and with continued stress them become damaged and move out of line. This is seen as an injury by the body, which quickly responds with by activating the immune system in a healing response. The ultimate result of that is a swelling in the areas of perceived damage which, once it reaches a threshold that is different for each individual, results in a sensation of pain in the area affected.
While this may sound alarming, it is in fact a natural response to exercise and is the primary reason why our muscles adapt and get bigger through exercise, in an attempt to protect the Z-lines and prevent such damage from occurring in the future. A small amount of DOMS is always desirable, because it is a sign that we have damaged our muscles enough to induce an adaptive response. Too much pain though, can be disruptive and cause some distress.
Can Anything Be Done About DOMS?
There are several things that can be done to prevent or reduce DOMS, most of which are best performed within a few hours of exercise. The easiest method of reducing DOMS is to have a cold shower immediately following exercise. This has the effect of drawing blood away from the extremities and into the torso, reducing the amount of fluid available to create any swelling around the areas damaged. A similar result can be achieved by applying ice to the areas worked for 10 minutes, and then removing it for 20 minutes before reapplying.
What About Massage?
Similarly, massage has been shown to produce excellent results in relieving DOMS. Massaging the areas worked allow the manual movement of fluids within the body, therefore reducing swelling in the injured areas. This also facilitates in the removal of the natural toxins produced by the breakdown of muscle fibre, leading to the body creating a less aggressive healing response. Furthermore, massage has been shown to assist in re-aligning the Z-lines in muscle fibres, which in itself not only assists in the reducing the amount of DOMS experiences, but allows the natural adaptive process to precede unhindered.
While the best time to receive a massage after exercise is within 15 minutes of conclusion, massage applied even 24 hours after the cessation of the exercise has been shown to provide some benefit in the recovery process.
The Author
Darren Bulmer is an Australian remedial massage therapist and fitness specialist who has been active in his field since 2006. For more information regarding him, his remedial massage clinic, articles, and blogs, visit his webiste at
For more information regarding Darren Bulmer and his remedial massage clinic, Open Hands Massage, visit his website at
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Mass Building Is For People Who Like To Develop Their Muscles

People like to have a tailored outlook but unfortunately everyone will not have it. Some will be very lean and some will be very stout. It is better to love our body how ever it is unless it comes to the point of health. When the people are not satisfied with their physique then they will go for mass building or any other ways. There are many diets and workouts which have to be followed to get the required body shape. Mass building is for the people who like to build up their weight. Diet is also important for them which contain less carbohydrate and more proteins. Eating unnecessarily and also in wrong time has to be avoided. The chart of diet recommended has to be strictly followed.

Alcohol intake and smoking has to be completely stopped as this will affect the mass building. All the workouts and diet will go waste if the person is a smoker and consuming alcohol. Though the proteins consumed will affect the mass building, pre workout supplements also will help the person for mass building. There are many supplements available in the market. It is better to take the recommendation of the doctor who will know the body condition of the consumer.
Whey protein is one of the best proteins available. This is more easily absorbed by the body than the other proteins available. Whey proteins will increase the immunity and also improve the recovery time. After the work outs the muscles will relax soon and the person will get into his normal duty faster. Most of the body building supplements are rich in whey proteins. For the best body building there is many other things to be followed other than the consumption of the whey proteins. The work outs, good sleep and nutrition also add to the mass building.

It is best to have the whey protein after a good sleep in the night. This will help the body to absorb the proteins into the body. The body will get the necessary supplement absorbed into the body with the whey proteins. The muscles will start growing and getting mass with the workouts and proteins. In the night the body will not get the amino acids. The intake of whey proteins in the night will break down the muscles for amino acids. The body builders will surely not like to take this risk and so whey proteins is not consumed in the night time.

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Unbinding Truths About Compound Exercise Movements - The Fastest Way to Build Muscle!

Here are a few of the benefits and potential dangers of compound exercises. Alright, so you've committed to getting into shape and you want to know the fastest most efficient way to get there. The commendable path that you've chosen will lead you directly through the intricate world of compound exercise. What is compound exercise? It is simply an exercise that involves multiple joints or muscle groups in one activity. It often utilizes a wide range of motion, providing a variety of movements in a single exercise. Examples of Popular Compound Exercises: Bench press, Squats, Dead lift, Cleans, Jerks, Crunches, Dips.

Compound exercises are useful because they not only target multiple muscle groups at once, allowing you to lift heavier weight and therefore giving you better and faster results, but they also closely mimic "real world" movements. These are motions that you use in your daily life, which provide an obvious benefit over most isolated muscle exercises, which usually do not have many real world applications. This is the reason many athletes and personal trainers focus almost exclusively on compound exercises. These varied and often complicated movements can build muscle quickly, because they allow you to lift more weight than if you were concentrating on just a single muscle group. They can also save you valuable time, getting you to your fitness goals much more quickly. They build power, mass and coordination at a much higher rate as well.

Here's a quick example. I was a college basketball player and had hit a plateau in my level of strength. No matter what I did I couldn't seem to push past the place I was in and was frustrated to no end! It was affecting my performance, so I desperately began to seek a solution. My coach suggested that I add cleans and jerks to my workout regimen, which already involved squats, bench presses and dead-lifts. The result was an explosion of power that was not only a big surprise, but an invaluable lesson that added a huge boost to my strength, endurance and confidence! That being said, while there are definite advantages to compound exercises, there are certainly a few drawbacks to them as well, especially for the novice trainee. Danger is the first and most important aspect to address because compound movements utilize multiple joints and muscles that can lead to injury if not performed correctly. Due to the complicated movements and the wider range of motion, they require a bit of a learning curve to grasp the proper technique.
When you begin to tackle any compound exercises such as squats, dead lifts, bench presses or cleans, you should always take the time to learn the proper technique by doing the exercise at a lower weight than you think you are able to ensure that you have it down before you add more weight. It is also essential to have a spotter there with you who are familiar with the lift you are performing. A personal trainer is usually the best resource to have with you, at least until you are comfortable with the movements you are attempting, because not only do they know the risks, but can be excellent motivators during these complicated workouts! Another risk is over working a particular muscle group. Because compound exercises work out multiple muscles, it important to have a workout routine that focuses on specific groups without over working or overlooking one muscle group. This is easy for a beginner to fall victim to, so again it is imperative to consult a fitness professional.
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Not Smoking Is A Lifestyle

Transitioning from smoker to non-smoker is a much more complex proposition than most realize. The most important step that you can take is to choose activities that appeal to you. Think of it this way: You wouldn't go on an all-fish diet if you didn't like the taste of fish. Smoking is a significant aspect of your life. When you stop, it will leave a hole. It is paramount that you fill that hole with activities that you actually enjoy.

You can apply this concept of the path of least resistance to the quitting process as well. The key to quitting is to sleep better, eat better, exercise better and be more active overall, both physically and mentally. In other words, successfully quitting smoking is a matter of changing your lifestyle. When you quit, keep a journal of successes and failures. If quitting takes several attempts, this journal will help you improve each time you try.
We are creatures of habit, and our lifestyle is a collection of those habits. The easiest way to abandon a negative habit is to replace it with a positive one. In order to create good habits, choose activities that appeal to you. If you dislike running or jogging, then maybe you can replace that with riding a bicycle or extended dog walks. Find something that works for you.
Eating Right
Eating right is important for everyone, but it is especially important for the person who has quit smoking. Smoking provides the body with sugar, which is why it suppresses appetite. When that sugar is gone, appetite will increase, which means great opportunity for bad habits to form. Overcome this by eating often but in small amounts. You may even need to eat six to eight times a day, but that's all right as long as you're eating healthy foods and staying within a reasonable calorie limit.
The key to proper exercise to sticking to it, and in order to stick to it, you need to make it a habit. Find the exercise that you enjoy most and start with that. In the beginning, structure is the key. Optimal exertion can come later. Once you start to form exercise habits, you're find yourself more open to broadening your horizons.
Lifestyle Activities

Many smokers lead inactive lifestyles. Exercising is a good start in changing that, but it's not enough alone. You have to fill your life with activities that will challenge you mentally. If you feel forced to do stuff, then you're not likely to succeed, which is why it so important to choose activities that appeal to you.
The mental aspect is the most important factor in changing your lifestyle. When you quit smoking, think of it as a beginning and not an end. If you approach this process as an exciting opportunity to course correct your life, you'll increase the odds for success considerably.
Smoking is a significant aspect of your life. When you stop, it will leave a hole. It is paramount that you fill that hole with activities that you actually enjoy.

Exercise On An Elliptical Trainer To Improve Your Mood

Even the most optimistic people have gone through times when they did not view their life in a positive light. Some people struggle with a depressed mood on a regular basis, while most will become more anxious and depressed in response to a negative event, such as prolonged unemployment, a divorce, or the death of a loved one. The medical profession has a number of drugs they can prescribe, but all drugs have side effects and may not be that effective at treating the problem. Exercise is an option that can enhance mood that offers other positive effects for your overall health. An elliptical trainer has the features that make it an ideal fitness machine to improve your mood.
Research on anxiety, depression and exercise shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise can also help reduce anxiety and improve mood. And after you feel better, continuing to exercise may keep anxiety and depression from coming back.

Duke University conducted a randomized controlled trial in 1999 that concluded that depressed adults who participated in an aerobic exercise program improved as much as those treated with sertraline, the drug Pfizer marketed as Zoloft.
Phillip Holmes, a neuroscience professor at the University, has shown that several weeks of exercise can switch on certain genes that increase the brain's level of galanin, a peptide neurotransmitter that appears to tone down the body's stress response by regulating another brain chemical, norepinephrine. This causes the brain to show less stress in response to new stimuli.

Exercise releases endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals that aid with the symptoms of depression. There are more of these chemicals released as you increase the intensity of the workout, which is why it may take less time exercising to improve your mood when you do more vigorous activities. An elliptical trainer can give you the type of vigorous workout you need to be most effective at combating anxiety and depression. As your fitness improves, you can really amp up the intensity of an elliptical workout by increasing resistance, incline, or strides per minute. The elliptical workout is also effective at changing your body composition, increasing lean body mass and reducing fat, and that can have a positive effect on self esteem.

Exercise can be effective way to enhance mood and combat anxiety and depression. A new or used elliptical trainer is a great way to get the exercise you need to look and feel you best.
Consider purchasing a health club quality used arc trainer or elliptical trainer that has been professionally refurbished from Purchasing a refurbished elliptical or arc trainer can save you 50% or more off the price of a new machine, which makes it more affordable for you to own the top brands such as a used Precor elliptical, refurbished Life Fitness, or a Cybex arc trainer.

5 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Women

Kettlebells are fantastic for strengthening your core, full body strengthening and muscle toning. Kettlebell exercises also help you burn more calories in less time. Doing kettlebell exercises can result in easily burning hundreds of calories during a brief workout. People who use kettlebells experience a whole body workout in addition to rapid calorie burning, which makes kettlebells an ideal choice for women. A short 30-minute workouttargets all your major muscle groups and increases core strength. Kettlebells also provide achallenging cardiovascular workout. Women can definitely benefit from overall body toning and strengthening exercises using kettlebells without building bulky muscle.
1. Dead Lift
The kettlebell dead lift works the arms, chest, buttocks, hamstrings, abdominal muscles and the legs. Place one 5 pound kettlebell between your feet. Stand with your feet on each side of the kettlebell about shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight, engage your abdominal muscles and squat down. Grasp the handle of the kettlebell with both hands with your palms on the top of the handle. Turn your toes out slightly and then push your heels into the floor as you stand up straight. Keep your arms straight. Hold for 2 seconds and then repeat. Do 10 to 15 repetitions. When you can do 15 repetitions without getting tired, increase the number of repetitions or increase the weight of the kettlebell.
2. Single-Arm Swing
The single-arm swing works the buttocks and the quad muscles. Place a kettlebell between your feet and stand over the weight with your feet about hip-width apart. Breathe in, bend forward from your hips and grasp the kettlebell with one hand. Breathe out and swing the kettlebell upward while simultaneously standing up straight. Swing the kettlebell upward until your arm is parallel with the floor. Keep your arm straight and do not allow your wrist to bend or twist. Lower the kettlebell back to the floor by allowing your arm to swing down while simultaneously bending at the hips. Repeat 10 repetitions with each arm.
3. Press
The press works your shoulders, arms, back muscles, buttocks and hamstrings. Stand up straight with your feet apart and a kettlebell between your feet. Turn your toes out. Bend at the waist and grab the kettlebell in on each side of the handle. Stand up and bring the kettlebell to your chest. Press the weight straight up over your head and hold it for 2 seconds. Slowly lower the weight back to your chest to complete one repetition. Do at least 10 repetitions. Increase the number of repetitions or the weight of the kettlebell when you grow stronger.
4. Row
Grab a kettlebell in your left hand and bend forward from your hips. Squat a bit until your body is nearly parallel to the floor. Allow the kettlebell to hang straight down at full arm's length. Squeeze your abdominal muscles and pull the kettlebell up to your chest by bending your elbow. Keep your arm close to your side. Slowly lower the kettlebell until your arm is fully extended again. Do 10 repetitions with each arm.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Should You Take Vitamins?

 As you run more often and cover longer distances, training can become harder and your speed is likely to stop increasing. At times like this, runners look for ways to speed up their recovery and increase their strength. There are a number of ways to do this, but an increasingly popular way is to look for supplements, so; do they work?
In the UK our medicines are regulated by The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), however, they do not cover food supplements, specifically stating that vitamins; "are generally subject to food safety and food labelling legislation rather than medicines control". This means that food supplements are not subject to the same level of medical controls and trials as medicines so it's particularly important that you look very carefully at this subject.
The majority of written advice given to runners falls into two categories:
  1. Take vitamins that contain anti-oxidants to reduce free-radical build up.
  2. Take supplements to help the joints.
Taking Anti-Oxidant vitamins
The sell normally goes like this: When you run, something called 'Free-radicals' build up in your muscles and this damages them. You need to introduce Anti-Oxidants in vitamins (the most popular aimed at runners are Vitamins C and E) which will break down the Free-radicals and aid your muscle recovery.
Are they safe?
As we already know, these are not subject to medical trials in the UK and so we need to do a little research ourselves. These supplements are big business and big business tends to be very good at concealing anything negative about the products which make them a lot of money. The best way to check vitamin safety currently appears to be this Cochrane Summery. This was a trial on almost 300,000 participants which looked at the deaths of those taking vitamins against those not doing so, or taking a placebo. They discovered that, far from helping people live longer lives, the vitamins appeared to increase the chances of death very slightly. The vitamins that seemed to be linked to increased chances of death were beta-carotene and possibly vitamin E and vitamin A.
Do they work?
Okay, so there's no evidence that they help people on an everyday basis, but is there any evidence that they help runners to improve performance (if we ignore the chance that they may slightly increase our risk of dying).
There is some evidence to suggest that increased Anti-Oxidant levels in the body may improve recovery times. This study, concludes that: "The human studies reviewed indicate that antioxidant vitamin supplementation can be recommended to individuals performing regular heavy exercise." However, your body will adapt over time to deal with increased Free-radicals from exercise. The same study points this out: "training results in increased activity of several major antioxidant enzymes and overall antioxidant status".
A fascinating study performed in Taiwan looked at the psychological impact of taking vitamins. They discovered that people who were told that they were taking a healthy multi-vitamin pill (which was really a placebo) created an illusion of invulnerability. They smoked more and believed themselves to be healthier than the control group who were told that their pill was a placebo. This suggests that there's a danger that taking a 'health giving' pill may reduce your efforts to train hard and eat properly and that's what's really important. Here's the study in full.
So really, it's down to you. Personally I do take vitamin C and I believe it helps my running, whether that's because it's doing something physiological, or simply that I'm experiencing an illusion of invulnerability, I don't know. Perhaps in runners that illusion is a good thing, it could help them break down perceived barriers about speeds and times. I would be interested to see a study on that.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What to Eat For Muscle Growth?

If you're learning how to bodybuild and your main aim is to build massive amounts of muscle, I am sure you want to know what to eat for muscle growth, right?

The thing with bodybuilding nutrition, is there is so much information given out by so many different people; And all these people have different view points, so you can get caught up not knowing what to do, and because of that, not building any muscle.
So I am going to give it to you simple.

What to Eat For Muscle Growth
When you workout at the gym, lifting weights, you are tearing up your muscle fibers, this is where 25% of the muscle building process happens. The other 75% of the muscle building process relies on your diet and nutrition.
So what should I eat for muscle growth?
There are several food categories that you need to focus on:
Complex Carbohydrates
Healthy Fats & Oils
Simple Sugars
Everybody knows when you're looking to build muscle you need to consume healthy quantities of protein.
So what sorts of proteins are good?:

Cottage Cheese
Lean Red Meat
Milk (preferably low fat milk e.g. semi-skimmed, almond milk etc)
Peanut Butter

Also complex carbohydrates are a absolute must for muscle building. A lot of bodybuilders cut there carbs out completely but that's only helpful if you're looking to get lean and ripped and even then you shouldn't cut them out completely because carbs are your brain food.
So what sorts of complex carbohydrates are good?:
Whole Grains (e.g. Whole Grain Pasta, Whole Grain Rice)
Low-fat Yogurt
The biggest myth about fats is that "All fats are equal and equally bad for you". Saturated fats and trans fats are the fats that you should avoid. These fats will raise your cholesterol and increase your risk for heart disease. Whereas monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are good for you. These fats lower your cholesterol and reduce you risk of heart disease.
So what fats should you eat?:
Peanut butter
Olive oil
Sunflower Oil
Corn Oil

Simple sugar intake should be limited. If you consume too much sugar it will ultimately turn into fat and you don't want that. What you want is a source of energy when you need it. So I recommend that you should only consume simple sugars either just before or just after your workout to give your body that extra boost before a workout or to replenish your energy after your workout.
What simple sugars should you consume?:
Energy Drinks

If you get these balanced then you will build some hard muscle and look great.

Okay, so I have shown what to eat for muscle growth. I hope you enjoyed it!
If you would like to get more info on how to become a bodybuilder, get big, get ripped, what to eat, what supplements to take or anything bodybuilding related, plus a chance to join a free social network for bodybuilders, just go to

Bodybuilding - What Every Body Builder Should Know

Before you start with bodybuilding, you have to keep in mind that there will be many types of workouts that will be hard work, and require discipline and perseverance. It will be a shame to get started only to give up in the end. So, if you are wondering how to get started or if you simply cannot wait to put on the muscle and shape up, you can follow these suggestions. But make sure you understand that this is a lifestyle change, which means that once you start, it's a lifetime commitment, otherwise you won't be able to keep your results, makes sense right?

Start working on your diet.
If you are serious in pursuing getting into shape,then you have to be ready to make sacrifices. This means you have to give up certain food indulgences. The objective is to cut some fats and carbohydrates and to increase protein instead.
Fruits and vegetables should be a staple to your diet. You also have to make sure you have plenty of water and electrolytes. On the other hand, you should cut down on salt, sugar, alcohol and everything that you already know is bad for you.
Hire a trainer.
For a more effective bodybuilding work out, you should consult with a professional trainer who can offer his or her insights about an efficient routine you can build on. A qualified trainer can really show you how to do the exercises properly to maximize the results. Do not take the risk of doing things on your own especially since you are just starting up unless you want to risk serious injury. Believe it or not, people have torn ligaments and ruined parts of their body simply out of ignorance!

Also, it may be good to talk to other bodybuilders. But be careful who you take advice from. Unless you are sure about that person's knowledge and skills, do not adapt incorrect practices from other bodybuilders, such as steroids, drugs and pills, etc.
Get plenty of rest.
When you take on hardcore training, it is strongly recommended that you take some days off. Do not think that doing things consistently every single day can help you get muscles much faster. You have to understand that a bodybuilding routine can be quite demanding and it does take a toll on your muscles including your organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart, etc.
Your body can only take so much strain. In this case, you have to give your body plenty of rest and time to recover. And make sure you have a complete night's rest and that means full eight hours of sleep at night. However that is not correct for everyone so consulting a professional can help you establish how many hours of sleep are right for you.

These are just a few reminders that you should keep in mind. As you go along your routine, you are bound to learn more. Finally, bodybuilding calls for hard work but you should be careful not to push your body to its limits because trying to build your body too fast will have an opposite effect because if you cause damage, then you will have to take time off from building your body to recover. I've included some powerful materials below on body building and getting in the best shape of your life below, enjoy!
To get cutting edge techniques in body building and getting in the best shape of your life, click here: Bodybuilding

Muscle Definition Workout - For a Lean and Chiseled Body

muscle definition workout involves working on two very important elements:
• Muscle size
• Body fat percentage
Increasing muscle size is important for muscle definition. Working to add definition would be impossible and futile if you do not have enough muscle. Therefore, you should perform strength training exercises and complete as many repetitions as possible pushing your body to its maximum strength to build muscle mass. The higher body fat percentage is just what you do not need. Low intensity fat burning exercises are a must have in your muscle definition workout program.

Exercise for a Muscle Definition Workout
There is a dual approach to such a workout program; one, where individuals want to build muscle mass and definition and second, where they only aim at defining the muscles that are already present. Based on the group you identify yourself with you will have to choose exercises. This type of workout includes a combination of Strength training exercises and Cardio exercises. You should train the entire body and not specific muscles. To increase muscle size before you work on muscle definition work with heavier weights and do fewer repetitions.
Superset training is a popular method when it comes to muscle definition workout and help you get the best out of it. They speed up the process of fat burning in the body. It involves repeatedly performing two sets of varying exercises with minimal or no rest between the sets. The minimal breaks prevent the heart rate from dropping and continue the process of fat burning. Dedicate one day of the week for the different muscles of the body. Circuit training workout programs are also recommended.

Win half the battle by eating right
You cannot only rely on a muscle definition workout if you want to sculpt the body muscles. "What you eat" plays a vital role in your efforts to build visible muscles. Like we already stated, muscle definition is strongly related to percentage of fat. Thus, cutting back on the fat content in food is important. Your diet should eliminate or reduce the proportion of saturated fats, sodas, refined sugars and alcohol. Substitute it with fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and lean meats. Eating the right meals at the right time is also very important. A proper diet in combination with the right fat burning exercises will limit fat accumulation in the body.
Plan your workout program carefully
Working out to add definition to the body muscles and make them clearly visible requires that you workout constantly, do as many sets of exercises with maximum repetitions you can manage, but there should be breaks to separate high intensity workouts in order to give the body rest and time to recuperate. Absence of rest will increase muscle size tremendously giving a beefy and unpleasant look.
Remember to consult your doctor before you implement any changes in your diet or your exercise routine. It will be some time before you achieve the prefect ripped look. Patience and persistence is the key to it. Results will also vary based on your physical condition. Good luck with your training program.