Thursday, 14 June 2012

How to Get Ripped - Bodybuilding Workouts That Will Build Muscle

How to get ripped! This is the goal of all bodybuilding workouts. Enhancing the body with weight lifting routines that target specific areas like ab workouts, upper body workouts, will give you a sculpted rock hard body.

Anyone who's toiled away and resistance training for any period of time knows the benefits they will receive from their bodybuilding routines.
But many people are beginners and don't know where to begin. They want that six pack abs and the tremendous Pecs to show off to their friends and to impress strangers.
You don't have to be a bodybuilder to be doing bodybuilding workouts to improve your health and fitness. A well-balanced fitness training program will have fat burning workouts and muscle building workouts.
Your bodybuilding routines will be dependent on how old and how physically fit you are. You may alternate between resistance training with exercises for your abs, upper body workouts and, lower body workouts.
If your fitness is high you may combine your upper body workouts and lower body workouts on the same day. But if you're a beginner you should start with a simple bodybuilding routine which splits them over two days. But not two days in a row. You should be doing weightlifting routines three or four days a week and aerobic routines on the days you are not lifting.
By doing this you will be creating fat burning workouts that are building muscle slowly. If you go too fast you may succumb to injuries and training burn out. Also be sure to allow at least one or two days per week for your muscles to rest.

Your muscles grow when you're at rest, not when you're lifting so that's why it's important for you to pick your rest days usually after a lifting day. Weight training creates tears in the muscle tissue, is your body repairs these tears your muscles will grow and become stronger.
Another thing you can do in between your more stressful workouts is to do yoga exercises which will stretch your muscles and make it easier for you to recover from your training. They generally make you feel good too.
You'll also need a good nutrition plan to support your bodybuilding workouts and aerobic fitness training. You will need to get a diet plan in place just as soon as you can to support building muscle.

As you train longer and harder you will find that you need more calories to sustain building muscle. You will need to decide how much protein, carbohydrates and fat that you will consume to maintain your bodybuilding workouts.
I could go into great detail about diet and what to eat but basically your protein will be lean meats and nuts, your carbohydrates will come from vegetables, pasta and breads. You probably won't have to add fats as it will be plentiful in the food that you eat. You may also consider adding a whey protein shake to your diet after workouts.
You must also consider consistency, if you don't consistently workout at least 5 out of seven days then you are not going to see the results that you want.
There is so much more I want to tell you about how to get ripped and "bodybuilding workouts" so I have created a seven part eCourse for you that will give you all the details.

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