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Bodybuilding Workout Guide -

 If you're looking to get maximum from your bodybuilding workout guide, then it is imperative that you build it around the exercises that are going to deliver the most muscle building bang for your buck. These exercises are going to be compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups and recruit as much muscle fibre per rep, as this will boost your metabolism and get those muscle building hormones surging through your body. Below I'm giving you the 3 most important and popular exercises that should be a core staple of any bodybuilding workout guide worth it's salt.

Many folks regard squats as the absolute king of the bodybuilding world...and with good reason. They recruit more muscle per rep than pretty much all the rest. They can be tricky to perform correctly if you're inexperienced, so a little practice may be required but this is totally worth the results. They will seriously boost your lower body muscle which is a real plus since most guys tend to neglect this area, meaning you can spend less time on this area but get maximum results.

Bench Press
Kind of like the upper body version of the squat in terms of popularity and results. The bench press, or chest press as it's also known will work virtually all the muscles of the upper body with particular focus on the chest, shoulders, arms (particularly the triceps), and upper back. For this reason it features prominently in all bodybuilding workout guides.
The key here is to lift heavy to get the most out of the exercise. Try keeping your abs tight throughout the exercise too as this will give you an extra workout on your abs as well as protecting your back and preventing you bending it unnecessarily. Try inclining the bench to work the upper pecs and front deltoids, and declining it to work the lower pecs and rear delts.

These are a fantastic upper body exercise that primarily target the back and biceps as well as a number of other upper body muscles. Performing rows as part of your bodybuilding workout guide will strengthen your upper body and give you a strong wide back, helping you to avoid injury.

The key to performing this exercise correctly is to avoid curling your back, which can result in injury, and focus on "squeezing" your muscles at the peak of each rep - i.e. when you've pulled the weight up to your body, try to hold it for a brief second instead of just letting it drop straight away. This will help you get those extra gains that make all the difference.
As you can see, the key to all these muscle building exercises is in recruiting as much muscle as possible to get the hormones following freely. This strategy will only work if combined with low numbers of reps, say 6-10, and heavy weights. By always striving to lift heavy you will boost your muscle gains and achieve faster growth, and the compound exercises above will allow you to lift heavy since you'll be recruiting a lot of muscles to do so.
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