Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Why You Must Use The Right Dumbbells For Your Workout

A dumbbell exercise program is effective with the right 

equipment These days, more so that in decades gone by, 
dumbbells are growing in popularity in fitness centers and 
health clubs across the United States.

In addition, they are increasingly being purchased by 
people who want to include them in their personal gyms at 
home so they can conduct a dumbbell exercise program in the 
comfort of their own home when it suits them best.
Rubber encased dumbbells are usually the most popular 
choice of dumbbells as they offer a myriad of benefits to 
the user.
While they may be made from high quality cast iron material 
to give the desired weight effect, they are coated with 
rubber for added protection, comfort during the dumbell arm 
workouts and style - the rubber is available in different 
Not only are rubber encased dumbbells comfortable to use 
and safe to use but if you accidentally drop one of them on 
the floor they will not damage the floor or other equipment 
because of the rubber exterior. Similarly they will also 
make a softer thud as opposed to a loud crash with an iron 

Iron weights can make a loud continuous clanking sound and 
can be distracting if you are counting repetitions where as 
rubber dumbbells allow you to use dumbbells in any way and 
even drop them on the floor without making much noise.
This is ideal for conducting dumbell arm workouts in the 
home. The rubber used on rubber encased dumbbells is 
usually of a very high quality, is odorless, does not crack 
and is designed to be extremely durable, so the need for 
maintenance is almost non existent.
On the other hand, chrome dumbbells will also be a welcome 
addition to any personal fitness room. These dumbbells and 
the dumbbell weights are usually polished with high grade 
chrome to give optimum functionality.
Chrome adjustable dumbbells are usually sold in 5 pound 
increments so you can build and decrease your dumbbell 
weights as your fitness program changes. These adjustable 
dumbbells give you the flexibility to quickly and easily 
perform a variety of exercises according to what you are 
doing with your strength exercises.
Dumbbells - whether they are rubber encased or chrome 
adjustable dumbbells -can be purchased easily and usually 
cheaply from stores or catalogs selling exercise equipment 
Online prices are generally lower than those of the 
traditional stores and the dumbbells can be sent directly 
to your home -sometimes even with free shipping and 

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