Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How Bad Is It? Be Water Wise

In addition to the filthy air we breathe as a consequence of spewing billions of tons of toxins skyward annually, our streams, rivers, lakes, groundwater and oceans are in even worse shape. At least our atmosphere is partially cleaned with every major rainstorm. However, this results in polluted acid rain ending up in all of our water supplies. Most of the pollutants in our water are primarily made up of chemicals. They are either intentionally or unintentionally discharged into bodies of water, which results in the loss of approximately 15,000 lives today from ingesting polluted water.

Despite the fact that the quality of drinking water in the US generally is not healthy, at least most Americans can afford to treat their water or purchase bottled water. Most tap water in the United States has been disinfected, unlike China, where more than 525 million Chinese, and India where 700 million people are deprived of safe drinking water. Worldwide, countries generate close to 500 billion tons of industrial waste annually, much of which ends up in the water supply. In developing countries, water pollution has been linked yo high miscarriage rates and severe brain damage resulting in learning disabilities. Amoebic dysentery contracted from polluted water supplies has resulted in the loss of over 2 million children's lives annually.
  • Over 46% of the lakes and rivers in America are so polluted they cannot be fished or used for swimming.
  • 40% of the continental United States drains into the Mississippi River; as a result 1.5 metric tons of nitrates end up in the Gulf of Mexico annually, sending out into an area of 7,800 square miles.
  • There are 1.3 trillion gallons of untreated sewage industrial waste and runoff from storm drains discharged into America's waterways annually.
  • There are roughly 6 to 11 million deaths per year resulting from 260 million cases of waterborne diseases worldwide.
  • 3.5 million tons of toxic chemicals are released into the air annually, most all of which end up back on earth, much of it finding its way into our water supplies.
  • Every American produces close to 4,000 pounds of hazardous-waste annually.
Without a doubt, US industry produces the greatest quantity of pollutants, accounting for the large volume of total water pollution.
  • Close to 400,000 manufacturers are wasting startling volumes of fresh water for the purpose of flushing it into drains, depositing the pollutants into streams, rivers lakes and oceans. These pollutants are mercury, lead, nitrates, phosphates, a variety of acids, various oils, compound chemicals, and caustic chemicals.
  • In addition, many manufacturing facilities illegally discard corrosives and even poisons, along with other supremely toxic by-products.
  • The building industry pumps slurries of concrete cement and gypsum along with poisonous solvent into unlined pits or even landfills.
  • More combinations of toxic chemicals entering our water and food chains is poly-chlorinated biphenyl (PCB) along with various lubricants, and adhesives.
  • There are a number of factories and power plants discharging hot water into our waterways, resulting in thermal pollution by raising the water temperature. This greatly affects and changes levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, adversely effecting ecology, killing fish, plants, and various animal species, and accelerating the overgrowth of others.
  • Sewage systems are not only carrying domestic waste, but also contaminated toxic waste from industry. Even though sewage waste treatment plants add chlorine to destroy waterborne disease from bacteria, there is still a risk for the spread of viruses.
  • The majority of water treatment plants do not remove phosphorus compounds found in soaps and detergents which can result in putrefaction (excessive plant and algae growth) of ponds and lakes.
Basically every drug that has ever been flushed or excreted, and every household chemical not removed by water treatment plants eventually find their way into the drinking water supplies.
Wherein lies the solution? Simply drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water daily - preferably RO or distilled - and fast once or twice a year for 14 to 21 days. This will virtually keep your body clean and free of toxins, chemicals and carcinogens, will ward off sickness and disease, and will contribute to a long healthy life.
Douglas Hoover is an author, free-lance writer for News Papers and magazines with his column. "Lets Talk Health" the same name as his radio program- specializing in water and its relationship to health. Douglas Hoover is on record for introducing the very first bottled water vending machine, in Bill's IGA grocery store in Brooklyn MI in 1976- 7years before Glacier Water Vending (1983), Learn more at: and Buy Doug's latest #1 Best Seller: "Distilled Water and Health" A Match Made In Heaven-

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