Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Why Your Biceps Are A Sign Of Both Power And Health?

You work on your biceps, but they never shape like you want. You can't get the muscle to "pop" and the peak of your bicep is well, a speed bump. Well, let me tell you how changing your "vision" will change your bicep.
The bicep, or biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle. Its main function is to flex the elbow and supinate the forearm (bending the arm, palms facing bicep). The bicep is a muscle that builds with attention to resistance and flexion. The bicep will not build in passive mode as a by-product of your other resistance training. Meaning, it needs its own attention. Think of it as molding clay. And, properly targeting the bicep does have an affect on the rest of your body. How? Incude the next few facets in your bicep routine and you will understand that it's not just your biceps engaged in the bicep training process.
Your bicep training should include these facets:

1- Your core must always be engaged (meaning your body should be rock solid--as though you are trying to not let someone push you from your spot). Engaging the core actually tones your entire body!
2- You must grip the weights tight throughout the entire rep, not just when you lift to flex the bicep. This speeds your metabolism!
3- You must implement deep breathing to assist in the lift, increase flexion, and increasing blood to flow/fuel (oxygen, etc) to the muscles.
4- Your body is always aligned and you are focused on steps 1-3.
A proper bicep training regimen should get your heart rate up as well as build/tone muscle.
Here's a routine (first, I'm assuming you have permission to workout from your physician) for a man/woman who may want to tone (utilizing the techniques above)
(Use ample weight enough to create difficulty to do 25 reps).
5 sets, at one second total for each rep (up/down) 12reps/12reps/20reps/15reps/20reps
Here's a routine for a man/woman who may want to build (utilizing the techniques above)
(Use ample weight enough to create difficulty to do 15 reps).
5 sets, at two second total for each rep (1 sec up/1 sec down) 8reps/12reps/15reps/10reps/20reps
Remember, don't swing your arms because it will give you momentum, and momentum will merely hoist the weight up, decreasing the bicep's job. (You may swing if you are trying to work the deltoid, but that's in another article.)
When you train your bicep the right way, it will won't take long to show. Biceps respond fast and we all know a nicely shaped arm is attractive and shows discipline and diligence. Your attention will pay off not only by you looking good, but by your heart thanking you as well!
I'm Ganious, author of The Ganious Report. Visit me at for more training tips like the bicep tips above There's a lot of diet and nutritional tips based on a lot of science but most on extensive experience, a network of professionals, and common sense! Thanks for your time and I wish you good health.

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