Monday, 24 September 2012

Six Pack Secrets

Downing a six pack of cold ones might not be hard to do, but turning your belly into a flat tableau of rippling abdominal muscles is undeniably difficult.
Despite the fact that getting a six pack can be so unattainable for some people, others flaunt theirs proudly at the pool, the beach, or every other opportunity they can get.
So how are some people so successful while others are stuck with bellies that don't get anyone oohing and aahing? Here are some of the secrets about six packs that you can use to transform your own abdominals to be svelte and impressive.

Excavate Your Abs
Believe it or not, you may already have superbly defined abdominal muscles that are just hiding underneath a thick layer of fat.
While you may have heard that developing a certain muscle group you can burn the fat that lies on top of the muscles. Unfortunately, all the research shows that trying to target fat loss by performing strength exercises in that area result in muscle growth but don't result in spot-reduction.
Instead, you have to force your body to start to draw upon your excess fat stores for energy, and it will choose which areas to take the energy from, depending on your genetics.
Because the adipose tissue that accumulates around your midsection is often the first to go, it is important that you make sure your metabolism is running at its highest speed.
You can do this by regularly and vigorously exercising. This will help your body produce and secrete more human growth hormone, which keeps cellular activity and basal metabolic rate high.
Another way to increase your HGH levels is through supplements that contain triggers that tell your body to release more human growth hormone in your bloodstream, thus stimulating growth of muscle tissue and increasing fat metabolism.

Hop on the Bike
Although you might think it childish to bike around the neighborhood, one study showed that in the Netherlands, the country that is currently ranked highest for fitness, also has one of the highest numbers of people who bike to and from work.
The study found that one in five men were able to see their abs, which is the same number who also uses their bike to commute.
The researchers found that those who cycled for 30 minutes to an hour each day had lower percentages of body fat and even had more muscle mass on average than those who used a car. If biking to work isn't an option for you, try to use two wheels instead of four when you run errands around town or go to friends' places.
Make the Most Changes in the Kitchen
Although you might think that developing a six pack requires hours of honing your abs in the gym, your energies might be more fruitful if you focus them on your diet.
Instead of loading up on empty calories from fat-laden foods or sugary drinks, trim the excess calories off your daily intake by incorporating more fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains.
In order to get rid of fat that can be covering your abdominal muscles, you won't just have to cut down your caloric intake so that you are eating what you burn, but you will have to eat fewer calories than you burn so that you are creating a need for the metabolism of fat.
Even though you might have to make some big changes in order to achieve your six pack, getting rid of abdominal fat is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a huge step toward better health.
One Mayo Clinic study involving twelve thousand people over fourteen years, found that people with a lot of belly fat were three times more likely to die.
So do what you can to make sure that you not only look great, but will have a healthier and longer future.
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