Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Many people tend to neglect to take care of their bodies. All they do is make sure that they go to work or make sure that they are able to do their jobs just so they can earn money. Well, working all day can make you a lot of money. It can help you sustain your everyday living with your family. With your salary, you might even be able to satisfy the wants of your family. However, working all day cannot only give you a lot of money. It can also give you many discomforts. Some people who work all day in front of their computer screens may acquire blurry visions because of too much exposure. Some who already has blurry vision can have blurrier vision. Some may even have their present eye conditions get triggered and become worse. On the other hand, others acquire neck pain from working all day long. The most common condition that a workaholic can get is back pain. Neck pain are more manageable than back pain. It can still make you accomplish your tasks a little bit more comfortably while back pain can be really intolerable at times. Not only people who work but also elderly complain about back pain. They make almost 1/3 of your body sore and make yourself unable to attend to some of your tasks. Back pain are most likely to be acquired from having bad posture which is prolonged for long periods of time. Fortunately, there are stretching and exercise programs that one can use to relieve back pain.

Before exercising, make sure that you are wearing the appropriate work-out clothes. You must be free to move with the clothes you are wearing. Back pain relief can be achieved just by simple stretching drills. You must be calm, relaxed and precise when doing stretching exercises. You should not rush and be fast when performing exercise so you can feel the full effect of what you are doing. Each stretch position must be prolonged but should not exceed 20 seconds. Just try to reach mild tension when doing exercises. Too much tension can defeat the purpose of stretching and give you more pain in your body than what you are currently experiencing.
For the first kind of position that you might consider is doing half sit-ups. You know how sit-ups are made but this one; you would not lie and raise half of your body completely forward. All you have to do is lie down, bend your knees, stretch your arms and reach your knees. Do this slowly for as long as you can endure. The next one is relax by, still, lying down, raising both your legs and bending your knees to reach your chest for not more than 20 seconds. A variation of this exercise is performing it using separate legs. All the steps mentioned should be followed but stretching each leg at separate times. The next position you can do will require you to use a chair. First, you sit on the chair with your feet touching the floor. Bend the upper half portion of your body, including your head, and reach your feet. Stay in this position for not more than 20 seconds. To complete your stretching exercise, here is the last stretching position which will require your whole body to work. Using your upper back, make an arch position facing the floor with your head tilted down and with your hands and knees flattened on the floor to support your body. While you are on an arch position, contract the abdominal muscles. Be in this position for not more than 15 seconds. Relax after being on that position then repeat it again.
Back pain can be prevented with good posture. When picking up things, refrain from bending towards that object. It would be better if you would bend your knees maintaining an erect upper back position and then stretch to pick that object up. Putting too much weight on your back can give you back pain. If the pain is intolerable, make it a point that you would visit your doctor so he/she can give you proper medication for your condition but the most natural


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