Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Best Bodybuilding Tips

The Best Bodybuilding Moves to Get Results
If you are looking for results that get you noticed then you need to look at the best bodybuilding moves that help you achieve that. It's easy to come to the gym, go through the motions and then go home only to repeat everything the next day. We tend to "go through the motions" without asking ourselves if what we are doing is really the best way to achieve our results. So, here's what I have found to get me the results that matter...

  1. Lift as heavy as possible! - the more weight you lift the bigger your muscles - period. There is NO OTHER SUBSTITUTE!
  2. Eat Protein! - This is the basic building block of all muscle. Make sure you eat enough to repair properly.
  3. Rest Properly! - Muscle grows BETWEEN workouts. So, give it ample time to do so!
These three key points have helped me achieve great results for the last 15 years. These simple principles are often overlooked by men and women everywhere but if you build every workout around these three steps you can't go wrong. Body building is not hard but it does take work. And, if you are going to work hard anyway, why not do the best body building moves in order to get the best body building results!
Best Bodybuilding Workouts for Packing on Huge Muscle!
If you are looking for the best bodybuilding workouts for packing on muscles then you need to follow a few simple steps that all successful body builders have used to get maximum results. These steps are principle based and as we know, we should never ignore basic principles of success! So, here we go...
1. Have a Plan - make sure your plan is simple enough to do on a daily basis but effective enough to achieve your results!

2. Work the Plan - just because you have written it down doesn't mean you will do it! So, make a commitment to yourself to get 'er done each and every workout
3. Don't divert from the Plan! - "Hey look there's a chicken..." This is the mantra of the fat and lazy. These men and women start a bodybuilding workout, read about another workout in the latest magazine and abandon everything just because some guru said so. Don't do that! Follow your plan!
These three simple steps are easy to say but harder to do. All of us get bored, look for shortcuts and then bounce around without success. Don't let that be you!

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