Friday, 4 May 2012

Two Body Building Tips For Massive Muscle Growth

I've always been asked for body building tips for skinny guys who have been bodybuilding for some time but still cannot produce the muscle gain they are aiming for. If you're one of them, it's likely that you are doing one the the 2 most common body building mistakes: Incorrect Technique and Insufficient Muscular Stimulation. If you really want to bulk up, read and apply these body building tips seriously and consistently!

Body building Tip #1. Exercise With Proper Form (Otherwise Just Go Home!)
Make sure you know how to execute each exercise properly before you do your program. Don't think you know it without really studying the proper technique for it. I'm not kidding when I said you're better off going back home than train at the gym with bad technique, because you'll pretty much gain the same results!
Proper Technique for each exercise will be different, but the main principles are to execute with correct tempo, intensity, rep range and avoiding extraneous movements. For good measure, watch bodybuilding video demos from reputable trainers.
When you're in the gym, it's crucial to execute your bodybuilding routines with proper form.
When you cheat for, the only person you are harming is yourself. It is important that you keep correct form all throughout your weight lifting program. This is to prevent injuries and to accomplish the muscle gains you are aspiring for.
For weight training beginners, you can start by doing light weights. Learn the correct technique then gradually add weight as your body gets stronger. For starters, I recommend working out 3 times a week. You can intensify your load little by progressively as you get stronger.

Proper weight gaining techniques have a great impact on the rate of your muscle growth. I'm not kidding when I say that this alone makes all the difference in increasing your muscle size.
Bodybuilding Tip #2: Progressive Overload
Progressive overload by itself can help you achieve serious muscular and strength gains. So work to outperform yourself from workout to workout, week to week and month to month.
As long as you are doing measurable signs of weight training progress, be it one extra rep or set or an extra weight or shorter rest period, you will turn out the muscular gains you are aiming for.
For every workout, aim to lift heavier weights than you did previously. The weight doesn't matter as long as you do it consistently.
Continue to train like this and your success is guaranteed!

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