Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gain Muscles Fast With These Exercises

In order to gain muscles fast, it's going to be a must that you make sure that you're always performing the most effective exercises. Going into the gym and wasting time on movements that really won't help you learn how to gain muscles fast is only going to lead to disappointment when you find out that you're not seeing the results you had expected.
So let's take a closer look right now at the top exercises that you must include to gain muscles fast so that you know precisely what to include in each workout that you do.

If there's one exercise that will quickly show you how to gain muscles fast, squats are it. This exercise is highly anabolic in nature because it involves so many muscle fibers and allows you to max out on the amount of weight you lift as well.
Squats work the glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, as well as the upper body muscles as they balance the bar across your back. Add these into every lower body workout you do for best results.
In addition to squats, another movement that will help you gain muscles fast is the deadlift. Deadlifts are great for targeting the glutes and hamstrings especially, so are ideal for those who want a firm backside.
When doing the deadlift, just be sure that you think of squeezing from the glutes at all times as this ensures you target the right muscles.

Bench Press
The next exercise that hits the upper body very well is the bench press. The bench press exercise is going to target the chest, the shoulders, the triceps, and even the biceps to a small extent as well. It's one of the primary strength builders that you should be doing to both get larger as well as get stronger.
Remember that you can also include a number of different bench press variations in your workout routine as well such as incline bench, decline bench, as well as close grip or wide grip bench press.
Each of these will stimulate the muscles from a slightly different angle, adding more variety to your workout and ensuring you don't hit a progress plateau.
Bent Over Rows
Finally, the last exercise that will round out your upper body to ensure no muscle goes untouched is the bent over row. Bent over rows target the back muscles as well as the bicep muscles, so always do them in conjunction with your bench press.

This movement is going to be very good for building up power in the upper body, so most people will choose to perform it with a barbell as opposed to two dumbbells. As you perform this exercise to help gain muscles fast, make sure that you think of keeping the back flat at all times. This ensures you reduce the risk of lower back pain.
So there you have all the main exercises to include in your workout to gain muscles fast. Make sure that they aren't left out.
The author of this post is Kevin and he has a passion for active living and healthy lifestyles. He believes fitness plays a vital role in each of our lives.

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