Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bodybuilding and Sleeping - The Factor of Sleep Can Bulk Up Hardgainers

f you are a hardgainer or strength trainee, the factor of sleep is indeed amongst the fundamental factors that can help you add the twenty pounds to your squat training, or ten pounds to your bench. Therefore, it is very important to incorporate healthy sleeping for bodybuilders and hardgainers to achieve a fitness-oriented lifestyle.
Although, it may appear like a trivial issue that is easy to ignore, providing proper sleep to your body every night is a crucial step that enhances the maximum growth of muscles.
Are are you eager to see the significant and dramatic changes in your body in a relatively shorter period? Then a restful and quality sleep is a must every day.
Bodybuilding and sleeping are directly proportionate to each other and for important reasons. The following are situations that occur when you fail to get proper sleep every night:
Decrease in Mental Focus
Sleep deprivation badly affects your mental state. This is one of the biggest problems hardgainers face during their stressed workout routines. According to studies, even a single day passed with insufficient sleep can have considerable negative impact on your mental state and focus and willingness to carry out difficult tasks. Entering the gym with the intentions of putting your 100 percent effort is the primary key to fast muscle building, and in order to achieve this you must not let go your mental focus and even more important being a hardgainer.
Affects Physical Performance
In addition to affecting your mental state, sleep deprivation also results in physical consequences. First of all, it affects the level of strength of the hardgainers that further discourages them from performing reps. Without proper sleep, you may feel lethargic and do not put in the effort to use more weight for exercise routine. Sleep properly so that you maintain the level of strength required in achieving muscle mass as quickly as possible.
Interruption in Recovery
As a hardgainer you may already know that the actual growth of muscle does not take place while you are working out. Instead, they grow when you are away from the gym, resting and eating. The sleeping time is one of the primary times when the remodeling and recovery of your damaged muscle tissue takes place. In addition with muscles, the immune system, joints, and central nervous system also require rest for recovery.
Compromise on the Hormone Levels
There are certain fat burning and muscle building hormones operating in our body. As a hardgainer, if you are deprived of sleep, then it could have a negative impact over these essential hormones. These hormones specifically include insulin, growth hormone, testosterone, and cortisol.
So how much sleep is adequate for hardgainers?
Just like with many other things, the certainty of adequate sleeping time may vary from person to person. However, in general it is recommended that all the hardgainers should at least sleep for eight hours every night. Bodybuilding and sleeping should be treated equally. In case you feel you need more sleep than that, you may even sleep up to nine or ten hours.
It is about feeling energized and 100 percent rested throughout the day, so get enough and proper sleep. If you constantly feel sluggish and fatigued, then it is a sign that you must increase your sleeping time.

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