Friday, 4 May 2012

How to Get Big Triceps - Big Triceps Tips and Tricks

Are you struggling to find information about How to get big triceps?
There is no doubt that a set of big arms is what pretty much every male wants. But did you know that the triceps actually makes up about two thirds of the arm?
That's quite a large amount, but how can you get them to grow fast?
There are so many factors contributing to the amount of muscle you can put on your tricep, including genetics, muscle bellies and the intensity of your workouts. But don't worry anyone can have a huge triceps no matter what, as long as they know the tips and tricks.
Okay How to get big triceps?
Research has shown that triceps grow at a faster rate when they have been pumped full of nutrient rich blood. This can easily be achieved by training in specific ways and I will show you how.
Tricep Building Workout:

Alright well, to get triceps you need to really focus on the contraction of the muscle this will help bring blood to the working muscle and give you a strong pump.
A fantastic workout to help get a good pump for your triceps is -
3 sets of cable push downs, these are great to get the blood flowing into the muscle and can help split the muscle fibres. Fibre splitting has been shown to massively increase muscle size.
2 sets of close grip bench presses, basically the number one how to get big triceps exercise for triceps mass. Make sure you stick in the 8-10 rep range for this exercise.
3 set of Dumbbell Kickbacks, Squeeze the tricep here and you will contract the muscle to the maximum. This will force muscle growth in the tricep due to the pressure put on the muscle.
Did you know that 95% of so called hard gainers are dead wrong in how they train for muscle growth. Could this be holding you back?

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